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Here you can upload your downloaded CV-File to make changes.

Warning: Pls do not upload PDF, Word or similar files here. Here you can only upload the CV files created here.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a CV File?
It is our own file format which contains your data, which you have entered to create a resume on our website.
Why do I need a CV File?
As we don't permanently store your data and a registration is not possible, we provide CV files, which can be downloaded and uploaded any time to make further changes to your resume.
How do I create a CV File?
The CV File is created automatically. Just click the button "CV File" in the Export section left in the navigation.
Do I have to re-download the CV File when I made changes to my CV?
Yes, you should always download your CV file again after you have made changes to your CV.
Where should I store the CV File?
We recommend to store it to save medium like a USB Drive or an secure online drive.